Other Dalry Walks - repair and maintenance.

The "Park Walk" - Section of path from Courthill Street to Rye Bridge

Dalry currently has a number of “Easy Healthy Waks in Dalry”, sponsored by NAC and Ways 2 Walk. (Literature can be found in Dalry Library).
The recommended “Public Park” walk is one used by many residents of Dalry. Unfortunately there is one part of this route needing urgent attention. For more than 12 years the sector “At Tofts’ Mill Bridge following the track down to the Rye Water, passing the disused Mill Lade on your way”  has been neglected, and has suffered from the common problem of  ”it’s  not my remit” continually stated by the powers at NAC. This sector is full of water filled pot holes, and offers the community a very muddy and unwelcoming experience. The rest of the walk is good underfoot, and can be tackled with just a pair of comfortable shoes. This issue has been highlighted on many occasions to NAC and our local councillors. Nothing has been done to make any significant improvements. DCDH has been asked by the community to add this to their 2016 projects.
An application has been made by DCDH, for £1500 funding to Paths for all, to address this issue and it is hoped that by Mid June 2016 a successful outcome will be achieved.

25th May 2016 - update:

The application made by DCDH to "Paths for all" has now been approved.
A £1,500.00 grant has been secured to undertake the works detailed in the DCDH application of 26th April 2016.
It is hoped to start work on this project by July 2016 - Any volunteers?

August 2016 - update:

Project successfully completed.

updated - 31/01/2017

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