The Lynn Glen Walk - repair and maintenance.

What did Miss Margaret Archibald bequeath to the community of Dalry when the Lynn Glen was established as a recreational walk during the late 1970’s?  

More than 20 years ago, Dalry residents still had easy access to enjoy this beautiful hidden gem. The paths and infrastructure were well maintained and offered a very welcoming and rewarding recreational walk.

A plaque on Lynn Bridge, leading to the start of the Lynn Glen Walk, commemorates 'Hughie's Field' and is a sister's (Miss Margaret Archibald) tribute to her dead brother.

Today it is perceived by many local residents that those still credited with supporting this asset (North Ayrshire Council, Dalry Community Council and Scottish Enterprise) have for many years washed their hands of any further responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the Lynn Glen walk.
Paths are very muddy in most places, with water causing further erosion due to failed land drains or blocked pipes. The path is overgrown, and obstructed at a number of locations due to fallen trees. Fences, steps, culverts and bridges require urgent attention and better signposting of this valuable community asset is also required. 

When NAC were contacted regarding the communities concerns about the condition of the Lynn Glen Walk, a reply was received from the Access Officer indicating:-

"The path was previously the subject of a Public Path Creation Agreement however this ended some time ago at which point the maintenance of the path reverted to the landowners.
The NAC Access officer would be happy to meet with the Hub to look at the path and discuss the issues raised."

To ensure that this would not be “one further community asset lost to Dalry through lack of local stewardship and early intervention” the Dalry Community Development Hub steering group agreed at their May 2014 Public meeting to attempt to bring the Lynn Glen walk back to its former glory.

The following actions were agreed:-

  • Establish who owns the various sectors of the Lynn Glen Walk.
  • Secure approval from the land owners for the reinstatement of the Public Path.
  • Work with NAC and any other relevant bodies to determine how best to address and resolve the current Lynn Glen Walk problems.
  • Prepare a Project proposal and Business Plan.
  • Attract volunteers to help with the repair and maintenance of the walk.
  • Secure required funding to undertake the identified and costed remedial works.

The following progress has been achieved during 2015 and 2016:
  • Ownership of sectors of Lynn Glen walk confirmed.
  • Landowners agreements have now been secured.
  • Steps cleared and vegetation cut back, and in spite of the wet weather and the ground conditions the main tree stump blocking the path has been cut back to make access easier.
  • Arrangements are in hand for NAC Access forum to supply DCDH with a list of potential sources of funding for further work next year, once ground conditions and land owner access permission issues resolved.
  • NAC has agreed to fund East Ayrshire Woodlands to assist DCDH to project manage and augment volunteer resources.
  • DCDH has successfully secured funding of £8k from Tesco's Bags of Help to purchase materials for drainage and path surfacing to address the most urgent actions as listed in phase 1 identified works during a revised programme date of March/April 2017
  • DCDH has successfully secured additional funding of £14,870.00 from LandTrust to address the phase 2 works now rescheduled for April to July 2017.
  • DCDH has successfully been awarded funding from Co-op to provide picnic facilities adjacent to the Lynn Glen car park. The extent of this initiative will be dependant on the final sum donated by the Co-op.
    Work is programmed to start on the picnic area in May/June 2017 subject to securing landowners permission.

Project action plan:- 150330 Action Plan-Lynn Glen Path.pdf

Map:-  Ref 2 - Survey Plan Draft1.pdf


February 2017 Update:

Having now secured the necessary Landowners agreement for a materials delivery access route, arrangements were made to place a contract for the identified Phase 1 works to be completed by end March 2017.

Four Contractors were contacted regarding site works.
Site visits have already taken place with AWS Construction Ltd. and Cochrane Forestry & Groundworks.
Meeting with Jamieson Plant arranged for Friday 24th February to either secure a full works price or a labour and plant only estimate. W I & A gilbert still to respond.
Initial feedback suggests that contractors could get material stock piled at the furthest metal kissing gate but that this may result in damage or removal of sleeper steps.      
A significant amount of the water issues exist at the path entrance. This is a result of the roadside ditch discharging into the field rather than down the ditch as intended. This will be addressed easily but will not solve the whole problem i.e. there is still a requirement for a French drain at the gate.      
Further breaking down the beech root plate of the now partially blocked the path, will most likely be resolved with a mini-digger and chainsaw working in concert.
The washed down trees currently endangering the footbridge over the river is still a concern.
Mr York, the Landowner at this part of the walk has now agreed to access for mechanical plant.
Although it may be possible to do the work by hand, it would be much easier with an excavator or tractor mounted winch. Access from Mr York’s land is possible, but may have to wait until field ground conditions are suitable. Initial preparation/clearance work will be tackled in order to facilitate removal of the large logs from the base of the bridge to ensure than no damage is done to the structure.

Phase 2 works will now commence April 2017 with a planned completion programmed for July 2017.
Phase 3 programme for the Picnic Area adjacent to the Car Park is planned for May to July 2017.

March 2017 Update:

170405 Lynn Glen Progress Report.pdf

April 2017 Update:

Comments from the community:      

“I go round the Glen once sometimes twice a day and the work they have done to the pathways already is amazing, the new drainage and gravel paths means it's no longer a mud bath and I don't need to climb over fallen trees -  it had become an obstacle course.”

“Some members of the Hub took a walk up to the Lynn Glen today and what a beautiful day it was.  The sun was shining, birds were singing and the sound of the rushing water rolling over the falls was amazing. It's looking great folks, I can't believe the difference in such a short time although there is quite a bit to upgrade yet. Hope you all get to see it at some point it really is a beautiful walk.”

“Did you say hello to my wee dogs on the way by? I walked part of it yesterday too, and it's a fantastic improvement!”

"A big Thank You to DCDH"

July 2017 Update:

Significant progress has been achieved since the last DCDH meeting.
95% of drainage, fencing, path resurfacing has now been addressed, and all works
contracted by EAW to Jamieson Plant completed.
The £8,000.00 grant received from Tesco, and £14,875.00 grant from LandTrust, has
been used to fund the cost of materials and works undertaken to date.
£700.00 from Participatory Budgeting will be used to fund the 3rd September 2017 event.
The £951.00 from Co-oP will be used to enhance the picnic area.
SNH has recently informed DCDH that they have now secured £1,000.00 to fund the removal
of the dangerous tree which is located above the SSSI location. DCDH will require to consider how best to manage this project.
An application for £1,000.00 to provide a fenced view point platform and seat at the Lynn Glen Spout is currently being considered by NAC – Outcome will be known by mid September.
The £1,500.00 application to Paths for All for interpretation/signs/maps was unfortunately unsuccessful. Arrangements will now be put in place for laminated paper prints as a temporary expedient. It is hoped that some time soon funding will be found to provide a permanent solution.

October 2017 Update:
The 3rd September Lynn Glen event was a great success in spite of the weather.
The new picnic area is now nearing completion with fence, gate, access path and two picnic tables now in place.
Temporary signage has been provided, and funding now secured for the completion of permanent arrangements by the end of this year.
Within the next couple of weeks a bench will be installed at the view point next to the Lynn Glen spout.
The path restoration, clearing of the route and the opening up of the magnificent views is now nearing completion. If further funding can be secured, the outstanding section of path and steps requiring restoration in the vicinity of Pedens Point can then be addressed. It is hoped that this can be completed before the summer of 2018.
The potentially dangerous tree, at the SSSI location, will be removed before April 2018. 
The maintenance of the path, bridges and associated drainage will be an ongoing task requiring funding and the input and support of community volunteers.

November 2017 Update:  171121 DCDH - Lynn Glen Subgroup.pdf 

February 2018 Update:  180228 DCDH -Lynn Glen Subgroup update.pdf

May 2018 Update: 
Lynn Glen - May 2018 update report.pdf

June 2018 Update:

Since the concern raised about the deterioration of the Lynn Glen, at the public DCDH
steering group meeting of 6th May 2014, significant progress has been achieved through the Dalry community working in partnership with NAC/EAW.
At the meeting it was stated that, over the past couple of decades, the “Dalry Community” may have suffered from a lack of co-ordinated community involvement in many aspects of our community life and the upkeep of our community assets and facilities.
A number of community asset and funding issues, not currently being addressed by any other Dalry group or organisation, was also highlighted and it was suggested that the only way Dalry would reap the maximum benefit from the many available funding sources was by the community working together in partnership with NAC.
With a little funding from NAC and the professional support from the council’s skilled staff, plus the securing of funding from local and national bodies by DCDH, the concept has now become a reality.
In many ways this initiative was ahead of its time. By hard work, commitment, compromise, and a willingness to do the right thing for the community of Dalry, the Lynn Glen has now nearly been restored to its former glory.
If and when the additional funding for outstanding works, at the back end of the Lynn Glen Trail can be secured, the completion of this ambitious restoration project will be achieved.
This project appeared to have the correct mix of community support, some funding and professional support from NAC, project management by EAW, the main funding needs secured by DCDH from sponsors, and the significant effort given by the members of the DCDH Lynn Glen Sub-Group.
Having achieved what was considered by some as an impossible task, further enhancement of the Lynn Glen community asset is now being planned, and funding applications are currently being processed.
Let’s hope that this valued asset will continue to be developed and maintained for the benefit of the North Ayrshire community through joint DCDH/NAC/EAW arrangements.

The legacy of Miss Margaret Archibald’s vision, which she so generously funded in the1980’s, can now hopefully live on.

June 2018 report to DCDH meeting of 27th June 2018:  

DCDH Lynn Glen - June 2018 update report.pdf

21st August 2018 update report.pdf

Lynn Glen - 28th November 2018 update report.pdf

Lynn Glen - 23rd June 2019 update report.pdf

190731 Lynn Glen Restoration progress report schedule.pdf

190731 Lynn Glen Restoration Project.pdf

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