Brighten up Dalry Railway Station

The idea started at the Hub public meeting in May 2014. Public support was indicated for a project to brighten up the station since it had been noted that some work had already been started by an unknown team of volunteers from outwith the local area.
During the summer of 2014, meetings with the South West Railway Adopter Gardening Group were held and our support was welcomed.
Existing volunteers are led by Mr Louis Wall who has been travelling around numerous stations in south west Scotland since 2010 planting flowers, bulbs and shrubs.
Dalry had been one of the stations his group had been working on, despite no contact having been made with the local community.
Following a publicity campaign during August 2014, a group of 3 – 6 regular volunteers have been busy at Dalry Station most Friday mornings.  So far, the group has cleared away several overgrown areas and a variety of shrubs have been planted at various parts of the station.  In addition, over 500 daffodils have been planted throughout the station grounds and 2 tons of red chips have been laid to re-surface an untidy border. ScotRail continue to carry out all grounds maintenance duties and our role is very much to support them in improving the station.
As volunteers the role is focused on gardening, not grounds maintenance. Funding for the project comes from ScotRail through the South West Railway Adopter Gardening Group.
During 2015, for the benefit of the travelling public and passers-by, the volunteers planted tubs on the two platforms, continued with the clearance of overgrown areas and planted a wide variety of shrubs to enhance the character of the station. .
The aim of the DCDH Subgroup is to permanently transform the look and feel of Dalry Station and to make it a more welcoming place all year round, whilst providing an opportunity for volunteering, fitness, health and general well being.

Notice - Since December 2015
The Dalry Station Gardening Group, established and initially facilitated by the DCDH, is now an independent constituted group.
The active members of DSGG decided that independence, rather than devolved powers as a subgroup of the DCDH, was their preferred option. The DCDH wish the renamed DSGG (Dalry Station Garden Group) every success, and hope that their gardening skills and knowledge can be called upon to help with other community initiatives which have gardening elements in the project.

updated - 29/03/2017

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