Dalry Boundaries.

Ongoing consultations being undertaken by North Ayrshire Council clearly indicates
that the lobbying undertaken by the DCDH over the past 18 months, regarding
concerns about current Community Council boundary definitions, should now result in
a successful outcome for the Dalry community.
The Community Council consultation and documentation related to the Locality
Partnership both propose sensible revisions to the Dalry Westerly borders, reflecting
a definition of community based on geographical and cultural boundaries, very similar
to post codes. It's also interesting to note that the proposed new boundary definition
has regard to the watershed between the Garnock Valley and the North Coast,
ensuring that areas overlooking the Garnock Valley will be within the Garnock Valley
neighbourhood area.
The DCDH agreed to continue to monitor progress, and provide necessary input
where and when required.

May 2016 - update:

Review of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in North Ayrshire is now completed.
The new Community Council Boundaries NOW reflect the revisions requested by DCDH.

January 2017 - update:

North Ayrshire Council having completed the review of community councils has implemented the revised scheme, and Dalry has a new Community Council working with what is now a clearly defined community.

New Community Council Boundary - 

updated - 31/01/2017

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