Brighten up Dalry Town Centre.


During the spring of 2015 it was brought to the attention of the DCDH that there were significant concerns about the apparent loss of
the community space and assets at Dalry Town Centre. The DCDH agreed at their meeting of 9th June 2015 to address this issue on
behalf of the community of Dalry.
Having examined the area at the Cross and its access routes, a letter was sent by DCDH to NAC, on the 8th July 2015, listing our
A meeting took place on 6th Aug 2015, and the actions agreed at the meeting were recorded.
NAC suggested, during September 2015, that DCDH should apply to the Town Centre Communities Capital Fund to secure the
necessary finance to carry out the identified work at Dalry Cross.
DCDH then attempted to secure this funding. Unfortunately the application was unsuccessful.
A further meeting with NAC officers then took place on 9th February 2016 to find a solution for the Dalry Community.
At the meeting NAC confirmed their willingness to commit to reinstating and augmenting facilities at the community area Dalry Cross in
time to allow a street party, to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, to take place On Sunday June 12th 2016.

Dalry Town Centre – Update (February 2017)

  • Parking revisions - Work completed
  • New Bollards - Work completed 
  • New Bins - Work completed
  • New Benches - Work completed
  • New Planters - Work completed
  • Removal of graffiti - Work completed
  • Queen's 90th Birthday event - A resounding success.
  • Repair of railings at St Margaret's Church - Work complete
  • Provision of additional mains outlets at Dalry Cross - Work completed
  • Trees in the town centre - After investigation and the digging of a test pit it was decided that this idea should be abandoned
  • Painting of curved bench at corner of Courthill Street - Work completed
  • Signage at corner of Bridgend / Bridgend Lane – (Town Centre and Parking). - Work completed
  • Bridgend Lane Signage – (Lovers Walk to Lynn Glen) and (National Cycle Route). - Deferred until consultants report is received. 
  • Updated Dalry Walks map with small notice board at Biggart Fountain - Work completed
  • Updated Dalry Walks map with small notice board at corner of Bridgend / Bridgend Lane. - This action has yet to be completed.

A joint initiative, supported by DCDH/DCC/NAC, is currently being progressed to create a centralised Bin Storage / Pick up point for the residents and businesses in this locality. This will be located in Courthill Street at the site of the recovered Public Toilet.
It is hoped that this will be achieved very soon. 

Updated 29/03/2017

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