Acquisition of the 22 Sharon Street site (old school) for community use.

DCDH does not consider the land at 22 Sharon Street to be surplus to the future needs of the community, and against the background of projected growth in housing, a factor which is likely to accelerate following the recent decision of the Scottish Government to proceed with the Dalry bypass and The Den realignment during 2016, the sale of this land would be a tactical error that will simply store up major problems for the future.  

The alternative would be to retain the land in public ownership and agree a lease with DCDH who will in partnership with NAC put the site to work for the local community, providing a much needed overflow facility for school pick-up and drop-off parking, and suitable space for outdoor young person’s activities that are not planned or currently catered for elsewhere in the town.  In the fullness of time the site could revert to an educational or community use if required.

There is simply no requirement or justification for further housing development at 22 Sharon Street being considered.

The DCDH hope that NAC will be supportive of their proposed much needed community initiative, and take some comfort from the fact that this will allow all of the current initiatives associated with Rural 21 Action Plan, Community Empowerment and Locality Planning to be well established in North Ayrshire before any formal infrastructure decision needs to be made about the longer term development and use of this site.

Current NAC proposals:

Copy of 04/12/14 letter sent by Dalry Community Development Hub to Katy Clark MP, Kenneth Gibson MSP and NAC :

DCDH LETTER 041214 - 22 Sharon St.pdf

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