The "New" Dalry Community Council members are:

Heather Grossart - Chair
James McCosh - Vice Chair
Julie Wales - Treasurer
Diane Mackie - Secretary
Jordan Robertson
Helen Aitken
Sheena Woodside

The next meeting of Dalry Community Council is programmed to take place on Monday 5th March 2018 at Dalry Community Centre from 7pm to 9pm

Dalry Community Council - Agenda & Minutes of Meetings
180108 DCC minutes.pdf
171204 DCC Minutes.pdf
171106 DCC AGM Minutes.pdf
171106 AGENDA AGM DCC.pdf

171002 Minutes DCC.pdf
170904 DCC MINUTES.pdf
170605 Minutes DCC.pdf
170424 DDC Minutes.pdf
170403 DCC Minutes.pdf
170403 DCC AGENDA.pdf

170306 DCC Minutes.docx
170306 DCC AGENDA.pdf
170206 DCC Minutes.pdf
170206 AGENDA.pdf
170109 DCC minutes.pdf
170109 AGENDA.pdf
161123 Initial Meeting Minute.pdf

Minutes of the last meeting held by the previous DCC on 11/09/2015:  150911 minutes.pdf

 updated - 08/02/2018

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