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Why establish a Community Hub?

  • A legally constituted “Hub” will provide a unique opportunity for the community of Dalry to work together to secure resources and funds to tackle the many local community issues that other Dalry Groups and organisations are unwilling or unable to address. By supporting increased community participation and volunteering in Dalry we can work towards improving the lives of residents of Dalry through physical and social regeneration initiatives.
  • Over the past 20 years Dalry has witnessed the loss of local employment, town based council services, community buildings and recreational facilities. Community assets and infrastructure,through lack of funding, have also suffered from neglect and poor maintenance. During this time some North Ayrshire communities appear to have better weathered the storm. The Hub now intends to prioritise and help facilitate initiatives to address identified issues, and through engagement with NAC and other Dalry organisations get the community of Dalry back on track.
  • The Dalry Community Action Plan (Ayrshire 21) highlights the fact that Dalry has failed to access various funding sources, due to lack of a strong cohesive voice lobbying on the community's behalf. 
  • Other well organised local communities hosting windfarms and other renewable developments have got together and secured large amounts of funding from the developers, and have also been instrumental in identifying and applying for funds/grants from their local authority, charities and  other benefactors. 
  • The greatest community gain has usually been achieved where the wind farm community benefits and other funding sources are secured, managed and distributed by a locally elected body.    
  • The only way Dalry is going to reap the maximum benefit from the many available funding sources is by the community working together.  The Hub has now been constituted to present a strong voice for the community.
  • In order for the 'hub' to be strong, effective and be 'the voice' for Dalry, all the organisations who work hard in their own areas need to support this effort to enable change and improvement for Dalry.

    Please note that the purpose of this group (“Hub”) is not to duplicate or interfere with any activities currently undertaken by other established Dalry Community organisations, rather to act as the focal point to enable joint working towards achieving mutual goals.


During the transitional period January 2017 to April 2017 a number of North Ayrshire Council facing initiatives, currently being undertaken by DCDH, will be transferred to the recently established  "New" Dalry Community Council.
The long-term aim is that DCDH and DCC will work together to address issues, and endeavour to secure betterment for the community they represent. It is also hoped that other groups will use the synergies of this arrangement to help promote their activities.

The dates of  next Dalry Community Development Hub (DCDH) meetings to be held at Rosearden, Courthill St. with a 7.00 pm start are:                

Monday 23 March 2020                                   AGM - open meeting

Due to current advice we are sorry that our AGM and future meetings will be postponed until further notice. 

We wish you all a safe journey through these uncertain times.

Monday 20 April 2020                                     open meeting

Monday 18 May 2020                                      open meeting

Monday 22 June 2020                                     open meeting

Monday 21 September 2020                           open meeting

Monday 19 October                                         Trustee only

Monday 23 November                                     Open

Monday 18 January 2021                                Open

Monday 22 February                                       Trustee only

Monday 22 March                                            AGM - Open meeting

Monday 19 April                                              Open

Monday 24 May                                               Open

Dalry Community Council information

DCC agenda and minute records can be found: 



Due to current advice we are sorry that future DCC meetings will be postponed until further notice. 

The next meeting of Dalry Community Council will be on Monday ????? 2020, to be held at Rosearden, Courthill St. with a 7.00 pm start.

    updated - 22/03/2020

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